Investment for Coaching

Coaching is billed at $175 USD per 60 Minute Session

Let me help you survive your soul crushing breakup or divorce

Does this sound like you?

I broke up with him, so why am I the one so devastated?

I haven’t put on pants in two weeks.

My work and social lives have been affected.

I’ve found myself in a situtation-ship that I need help navigating.

I’m terrified of running into my ex and it’s keeping me paralyzed.

I can’t stop looking at my ex’s social media/old letters/pictures/etc.

I should be over this by now, something is wrong with me.

My self esteem is non existent and I can’t keep it together.

I need help navigating our shared friends, community, or family.

Some clients hire me to help prevent the end of their relationship

This often sounds like:

My jealousy is ruining relationships. Help!

There’s been a betrayal in our relationship and I need help moving forward.

I want to understand why relationships always feel so hard for me.

We keep having the same fight over and over again. We need help.

I don’t see eye to eye with my partner on COVID protocols/how to deal with our parents/coparenting/etc.

I am so anxious in my relationships and it’s making me want to give up/pushing my partner away.

I feel ambivalent about our relationship and need help deciding what to do.

We are separating, but need help as we are remaining in the same house for the time being.

Some clients hire me to help them better understand themselves, their relationships, and their choices

Does this sound like you?

I’m annoyed at my relationship with dating apps!

Why do I have ‘a type,” and why am I so incompatible with my type?

I feel like I lose myself in relationships and want to understand why, and what to do about it?

I always date people and find out who they really are 6 months in. What am I doing wrong?

I’m dating someone who is married…to someone else.

Why do I keep dating jerks? Is it something I’M doing?!

I need help with boundaries, asserting myself, and knowing what I want and need.

We broke up a year ago, and it feels like just yesterday. I feel crazy!