Coaching Packages

2 weekly (60 min) sessions x4 weeks

Survival Mode

This package is for you if you feel like you can’t get a grip. Maybe the breakup happened last week and you can’t find your footing. Maybe it happened a year ago and you feel like “I should be over this by now” and need some support. This support-intensive package gives you accountability and tangible, concrete tools and support, helping you to dig out.

Nuts & Bolts

-Unhelpful shit your friends/family say (and some sassy rebuttals)

-Ten things to do right now to move through this

-The Put your Pants on Checklist

-Who to call diagram

-What to do when you want to text him (or something)

The Preventing It Package

This support package is for folks who are still partnered, but whose relationship is feeling a bit rocky or unsettled. Maybe there’s been a betrayal of sorts that you just.can’t.get over. Perhaps sex (or lack thereof) is causing troubles. Or maybe you don’t like where your current relationship rut – takeout and Netflix – is headed.

Nuts & Bolts

-Couples and Individual support available

1 session/week for 6 weeks

The “But Why?” Package

This package was made for you if you’re constantly finding yourself in relationships that leave you asking, “But why?!” Maybe you’re asking yourself “Why does this always happen to me,“ Why do I always date jerks,” “Why do I keep sabotaging my relationships,” or “Why do they always leave?” (spoiler alert-it may not be you, but more so the people you pick to date).  In this package, we come face to face with your patterns while I help you to stand in your truth.

Nuts & Bolts

-Deep dive into your patterns, name-it-to-tame-it style

1 session/week for 8 weeks

The Tune Up

This package is for “graduates” of Survival Mode, The “But Why,” or who have worked with me in the past. Maybe you’re ready to get back out there into the dating world but don’t know how or where to start. Maybe you’ve ‘leveled up,’ and are getting acquainted with a new normal that needs some tweaking or fine tuning as it relates to boundaries, balance, or living authentically.

The Return Tune-Up

The Continuation Tune-Up

Weekly or biweekly sessions, TBD upon assessment and your needs

Self Guided & Alternative Resources

Can’t make 1-1 coaching work? Check out these alternatives

Email Support - $150

Lite email support is for those of you who have really specific questions and need a quick check in. We’ll exchange three emails to try to get some clarity around whatever is going on for you in your relationship. Folks who utilize this service are often asking: “What do I need to consider before moving in?” “Is this gaslighting?” “It’s been 6 months since the breakup and it feels like it happened yesterday. What can I do differently?”

Nuts and bolts:

-Reality check! This is coaching LITE. We aren’t going to get into the nitty-gritty here. If you need immediate, time sensitive, or intensive support, this option is not for you.

-3 personally crafted emails from me after completion of initial intake paperwork

-1 total hour of my support in the form of 3 emails. I allocate 20 minutes to craft each response, and respond within two business days (usually less)

Breakup Support Bundle - $55

For the self-motivated folks who may benefit from a kick in the pants, but don’t need full fledged 1-1 coaching. Instant access to my toolbox and resources used during 1-1 coaching calls in the form of printables and PDFs.

Journal Prompt Support Bundle - $47

For the self guided or internal processing folks. Access to 7 prompts that will help you dig deeper as you work to towards clarity and stability. Download now with instant access.

Journal + Coaching Call Add On - $120

Wanna hear my thoughts/perspective/2 cents after you’ve unpacked some stuff through journaling? Schedule an add-on coaching call to be completed within 3 weeks of purchasing your journal support bundle. Journal bundle + 45 minute add on call for $120 total