Surviving Them

Chances are, most people will benefit from these resources at some point in their lives. I’m sorry if, for you, that time is now. These resources may help you feel, heal, and recover from your heartbreak. It may not feel great, but it’s important to feel the things so you can begin to move forward. Check ’em out!

Preventing Them

Some breakups are totally preventable (while some aren’t, and sometimes that’s for the best.) If you feel like your relationship is on the cusp of breaking down, or if you’re simply looking for more ways to connect, these resources are for you! (Hint: connection and vulnerability is key!)


Doing work BEFORE shit hits the fan (aka Preventative relationship work) is THREE times more effective than Repair work (aka the work that comes after your relationship is on the rocks).

The Breakup Coach Blog

My hope is that you can get to know me a bit through this blog. Who knows what I’ll decide to write about next month!? Reflections on my anxious teenage self? Annoyances about the current dating culture? A “Hey, don’t do what I did,” lesson? Check it out! And if there’s something you want to read about, please let me know via email at

Your partner may not like me (and I’m okay with that)

This blog is kinda risky. It may totally turn you off from working with me. But I think it’s important to say, regardless.  My clients are tougher than they think, and tougher than their partners (or exes) believe them to be. I’m here to help you tap into that...

“I’m easy going,” she said. This one’s for you.

“I’m pretty easy going.” “I just kinda go with the flow.” “It’s just whatever works.” Folks say this stuff a lot. And apparently, these types of answers are applicable to a lot of different types of questions: “Well, what did you want to do for a date?” “What made you...

On asking for help

These seemingly random anecdotes are for you if: -You have a hard time asking for help. -Think you “should just know” how to handle this breakup/relationship turmoil -Are too proud to admit you don’t have all the answers. And yes, I just described a past version of...